Monday, April 21, 2008


well breakbeatbuddah went well. He killed it with heavy dubstep as 275+ showed up for two floors of jams with 8 different djs. I am still getting to know some of the new cats from omaha and denver but i will say qbit and sauce came to play. the djs in the newly renovated box basement played tons of original tracks and made the heat and lame pop house tracks upstairs seem to fade into the back of my mind. I also want to point out that without the help of many of the local crew that the show wouldn't have gone on. big up to chris m., norm4eva, lacey, erika, and everyone i am forgetting. THE CORE KNOWS HOW TO GET DOWN
CHECK OUT BASSFACE AND HLN for more upcoming shows

oh and don't let breakbeatbuddah do your lincoln he got to waisted and we had to carry him to his hotel and in Lawrence he just didn't show...dipshit

tues - spence at the Q
wed - DIGITALOVE baby w/ kevin curphey (scottsdale, az)
fri - UNL Senior Fashion Show 6-9pm UNION BALLROOM

you know i love my SWITCH
here is dooms night by azzido da bass remixed by switch

lykki li - i'm good i'm gone

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Mended Meanderer said...

Dude, it's Dooms Night by Azzido da Bass remixed by Switch! Sheesh. LOL One luv, yo. Bookmark this shit: