Wednesday, August 13, 2008


this end of this month is filled with a plethora of great parties and happenings. its back to school and lincoln is buzzing with mixed emotions. the school season is a time to take advantage of thousand of young minds that spend their parents money and give the nightlife scene a boost. but it also makes the maturity level of downtown as childish as the four bars they flock to. they shall remain nameless but you get the picture, brah!!!!! i do love my quiet summers but my passion is turning people onto new music. especially when it makes people dance!

lets start with the parties


met these guys after the MIA show in Lawrence, KS. i went down to see iggy and was blown away by the scene there. super friendly people with only dancing on their minds.

you can get some of TACTIC'S mixes on their MYSPACE

here are some of their original remixes

this jam got them
overseas play on some well known UK radio shows
its has a great glitchy bassline
MIA - Boyz (Tactic Remix)

great floaty house tune
great female vocal
Lights Went Out - Lovely Feeling(Tactic Remix)

their first official remix for diplo's MAD DECENT label
Blaqstarr - Superstar(Tactic Remix)

smooth and funny tune by dc mixtape star WALE
Wale - Good Girls(Tactic Remix)


Round 2 of the sweetest theme party in Omaha!!!!!
and its only fitting that we get down and dirty with bow ties and plaid skirts
schools is in session.....

SOUNDWAVES 11 Boat Party

my first time on this boat!!!!
ultramusique always puts on a sexy party
don't miss the best djs in the state