Monday, April 21, 2008

"Like, the Roots are so rad." ©Q-Tip

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Philly's own Legendary ROOTS Crew's new LP "Rising Down" drops 4/29.
But u can hear "Rising Down" featuring Chrissette Michele and D.C. next-big-thing Wale now.
(Click on picture.)


"______, please." ©Me.
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This Summer, Nas plans to shake the very foundation of the industry with his controversially titled album "Nigger."

My opinion?

At least ol boy is picking some good beats, finally.

"Be A N*gg(a/er) Too" from the 4thcoming "Nigger" LP. (click on Nas nicely, and maybe he'll let you hear it.)


"It ain't "crack", it's 'crass' bitch!" ©Blu
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L.A. MC Blu's been stirring up a storm of buzz since the Summer of 2007 when his widely acclaimed debut album "Below the Heavens" was released, along with a sleu of guest appearances on such projects like "Dirty Science" before that, and countless new material he's released through his MySpace.

Detroit-bred, L.A. residing MC as well as producer, Ta'Raach (formerly known as Lacks, and here's his MySpace) has been well planted in the Hip-Hop scene since his appearance on Jay Dee's "It's Like That" from 2001's "Welcome 2 Detroit" LP, as well as collaboration with the Innerzone Orchestra. In 2006, when Ta'Raach dropped his first full on vocals+beats album "The Fevers", it's only been uphill.

Blu and Ta'Raach are also a group.
And that group is C.R.A.C. (Collect Respect Anna Check) Knuckles. (Pronounced "crass", so to say: Crass N...oh, just check the Nas article.)

Check out 3 tracks from the 19 the group has to offer on their first full length LP as a group, "The Piece Talks".
(Out today, 4/22).


"Pop Dem Boyz"



"Kanye West--HOT S**T." ©Jay Dee a.k.a. J Dilla
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In late 2002, Jay Dee - (if that name only brings up bad memories of Kriss Kross rekkids, please: ) - completed his long-labored solo album for the then soon-to-be-collapsed MCA Records. However, instead of using this as the prime place to showcase his well documented skills on the beats, he instead chose to focus on the rhymes, and, surprisingly, let some of his favorite board-running contemporaries handle the knock. Alas, not only did Dilla sit impatiently for months while no moves were made towards dropping the LP, when MCA crashed and burned in early 2003, the album was shelved with no INTENTION of release. Dilla stated in a 2003 interview:

"Right now, I'm on MCA but it feels like I'm an unsigned artist still. It's cool, it's a blessing, but damn I'm like, 'When's my shit gonna come out? I'm ready now, what's up?' They're just like they gotta wait on this person and this person and they're firing this person. It's getting crazy. I woulda did a lot better just not even fucking with them, keep doing what I was doing before."

Well, 5 years and a few months later:
Dilla has parted ways with us a little over 2 years ago.
But also, 5 years and a few months later:
The long awaited "Jay Stay Paid" LP is at the gates.

The Kanye West produced banger either titled "F'd Up" or "Pay Jay" was played by UK DJ Benji B on BBC's Radio 1 a few nights ago. It also features Dilla's detroit proteges Frank-N-Dank. Click on the Dilla photo 2 check it.
That's it that's all. ©Mos Def.

C y'all lata.


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Mended Meanderer said...

Whoa now, sir! How could you say Nas is at least picking good beats "now." Obviously hiccups can be found here and there (especially that track produced by Eminem on God's Son - shit) but spanning Illmatic through ...It Was Written and to now his tracks are slammin'. You cannot deny anything Premier touched either!