Thursday, June 5, 2008

its been a while......videos?

as you all should know sigur ros is coming to omaha. its one of only two shows in the states that is not a festival.

lordy this is fun

dizzee comin through with a new track featuring nu-disco's calvin harris and chrome. opens like a r.kelly vid.....ah shit the whole thing looks like an rkelly vid. beat is solid though
and shit this is a gold party if ive ever seen one

dance wiv me

Always excited about new ratatat......

Wale is a dc rapper making some waves right now kickin out mixtapes and rhymin on the roots record
this song first popped up in a mixtape with nick catchdubs and became one of the freshest remixes of a played out song

im falling in love with the erol alkan produced band, LATE OF THE PIER
i love the description i found "electro madness and Daft Punk Vs Gary Numan on LSD"

crazy kids


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